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Our name Go Avni

Business impact • Nov 15, 2023 3:26:46 PM • Written by: Anette Tandberg

Our name Go Avni is chosen to embody our essence, it reflects our why and how we make a lasting impact for a better future.

"Go" to us, is not just a word; it's a commitment to continuous improvement and a rallying call to lead ourselves and others into a better future. Go represents our action-orientation, challenging and pushing limits, embracing our perspective of “business as unusual”. 

"Avni" as a name has diverse meanings depending on where in the world it is spoken, each resonating with the essence of what we stand for. Avni is described as "Fertile Earth" — a beautiful multifaceted symbolic and a foundation for all living. "Future," symbolizing the forward-looking spirit that drives us. "Our Stone," embodying  stability, trustworthiness and genuinity.

Our name Go Avni encapsulates a powerful fusion of action and stability, progress and reflection, all aimed at fostering a better future.

avni-front-page-headerAt Go Avni, our mission is clear: we coach strong leaders for a better future. We believe that coaching is the catalyst for unleashing untapped potential and finding the power within to contribute to positive change in the world. Our coaching methodology empowers you with the tools to navigate challenges and cultivate the mindset needed to lead yourself and others into a better future. We are not just coaches; we are partners in your journey toward personal and professional growth.

Our visual identity, like our name, is a visual representation of this commitment. So when you see our logo, colors, shapes, and images come together, know that it's not just a design – it's a visual representation of the transformative journey, pushing boundaries, that we embark on together with our clients.

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Anette Tandberg

Anette Tandberg has spent over 15 years working in senior positions as a manager and CEO. Ever since she was young, she has had the drive to see others grow and her ability to build strong, long-term relationships that create value has been an important tool in her work.