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The Avni way

The Avni Way

At Go Avni, you are coached with passion to equip yourself as a leader by identifying your driving forces and creating a better future. Become a world improver with your personal coach. 100% digital


Business as usual is what got us to where we are today. We need to rethink our existence, our way of life. Let’s call it “business as unusual”. A sustainable approach to the rest of our lives. We want to change and be the change if we are to leave a thriving world to the next generation. And change can only come about from within. That’s where we come in. To help you find the power. By coaching you the Avni way


“If you want to achieve success, it’s important to know where you’re going. How else will you know whether you’ve arrived?” 

Powerful organisations know where they're coming from, what they want, and where they're going. Formulating answers to these questions helps people create meaningfulness and motivation at work so they have more power to move forward.

With coaching from Go Avni, you’ll find power in the answers in order to develop yourself and your business. You equip yourself with the incredible insights and driving forces from mental training so your path forward becomes clear. At Go Avni we believe in people who want to create a better world. It is you we want to coach for success. 

Certified coaches

Professional certified coaches with experience of individual coaching, team and intercultural coaching. 


Coaching at Go Avni results in identification of driving forces, distinct actions and clear goals in the short and long term. 

Digital meetings

Your coach is just a digital meeting away. Go Avni offers coaching to allow you to develop your leadership ability and your driving forces, regardless of time and place. 

Viktor Ström Ergostone, coached by Go Avni.


"If you’re going to get into what I’m doing, it’s brilliant to get coaching on how to reach ambitious goals in an effective, sustainable way."


Viktor Ström

GLOW4equality hiers coaches from Go Avni.


"Go Avni is, with their highly skilled coaches, a very important business partner to us since we are scaling up to make even wider ripple effects to a society built on gender equality."

Social business GLOW4equality, uses coaches from Go Avni

Sara Carlemår

Suzanne Asserholt of Företagarna [the Swedish Federation of Business Owners], a Go Avni customer.


“My colleagues who have been coached are more structured and show greater drive and self-belief” 


Suzanne Asserholt


How we work

Why leaders choose Go Avni

You get fantastic opportunities to bring about change, develop through coaching and make decisions with greater clarity. Your coach will both support and challenge you, which gives you the power to act, lead and change. 

At Go Avni, we want to build strong leaders. We help achieve this and a better world by coaching you to find:

  • The power you need to change
  • The tools to get you where you want to go
  • Clear driving forces and values
  • Greater mental strength
  • Developed leadership
  • Successfully leading teams towards a better future

Our history

Anette, the power behind Go Avni

Anette Tandberg has spent over 15 years working in senior positions as a manager and CEO. Ever since she was young, she has had the drive to see others grow and her ability to build strong, long-term relationships that create value has been an important tool in her work.

In 2018, she realized that her inherent power was not achieving its full potential, so Anette chose to train to become a coach and mental trainer in order to start her own company. It went without saying that she would coach online so she could help her clients regardless of where they were in the world. In recent years, Anette has coached leaders in several parts of the world: start-up entrepreneurs, managers, academics, intercultural groups, teams and individuals. With Go Avni, Anette wants to transform “I” into “We”. Experienced certified coaches and mental trainers who want to work together to speed up the powerful movement arising from the power of coaching are gathered together at Go Avni.

  • Certified international coach, ICC & EMCC
  • Certified mental training practitioner

Are you ready for “The Avni Way”?