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Go Avni empower women through GLOW4equalitys group coaching program

Case • Nov 9, 2022 11:49:47 AM • Written by: Anette Tandberg

GLOW4equality is a Swedish social business determined to contribute to a gender equal world. They offer professional group coaching programs online for women dedicated to deep gender equality issues. The women attending the program create ripple effects in their surroundings as they have been coached and start practicing the coaching approach. Go Avni coaches has been with the company from the start; coaching the first groups of women around the world. The positive impact started showing right away.

At Go Avni we envision a future where everyone knows that they have the power to improve the world. GLOW4equlitys founder Sara Carlemår truly does, and she has found her way to do it. Working closely to coaching as a tool for the past 15 years, Sara found coaching that impactful, that it became the core of her business idea.

GLOW4equality, founded in 2019, have assigned professional coaches from Go Avni since then. In a creative board, designing the six-month intercultural group coaching program and then as coaches leading the first groups. The women GLOW4equality coach are all dedicated to different gender equality issues, like domestic violence, trafficking, leadership. GLOW4euqlaitys coaching groups are themed and align under UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 5, Gender equality.

Go Avni leads the coaching programs process, coach the women, challenging them personally and within the group to set and reach their personal goals. The coaching approach is a transformational skill that effects the ecosystem you are in, and using it systematically really creates ripple effects.

- The impact of the coaching program is on different levels. There are strong individual stories on the effect of the program but the overall impact is the most important part, from my perspective, Sara Carlemår founder of GLOW4equality describes. Summing up our first generation coaching groups with a Social Impact Report in June 2022 and starting to get feedback from gender equality experts on our work, has been a big milestone for me, Sara describes.

Coaching is powerful, action-oriented tool, it helps a person go in the direction they want to go and enables sustainable change from within. Through GLOW4equalitys structured, virtual, intercultural coaching program, each woman enhances her own ability and credibility to grow. While being coached in a group focused on a shared goal, each participant identifies what she needs to do to drive change from where she is.

- Coaching within GLOW4equalitys program has been amazing and very powerful. Even more powerful than I expected, Anette Tandberg, Go Avni describes. Since it is an intercultural group, the ripple effects are quite instant and I think one of the most interesting parts, to me as a coach is, is that the women became super structured. They really started to DO, take action - using the coaching approach.

- The specific short-term outcomes we intend for to happen, is there. The attendees are empowered, have improved abilities, they start working with goals in a new way, gain focus in their work and implement the coaching approach in their everyday life. What that leads to in the wider perspective, outcomes in the long term, is the ripple effect. We are excited and eager to scale up the work together with Go Avni, empowering more women, says Sara Carlemår.

- Go Avni has a deep knowledge of coaching, individual coaching, in groups and intercultural coaching. With their highly skilled coaches they are a very important business partner to us and will continue to be, since GLOW4equality is scaling up to make even wider ripple effects to create a society built on gender equality, Sara sums up.

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Anette Tandberg

Anette Tandberg has spent over 15 years working in senior positions as a manager and CEO. Ever since she was young, she has had the drive to see others grow and her ability to build strong, long-term relationships that create value has been an important tool in her work.