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Gaining endurance and mental strength as a start-up entrepreneur

Case • Jun 19, 2023 11:09:18 AM • Written by: Anette Tandberg

With support from Go Avni, Viktor Ström, the founder and CEO of Ergostone is a more decisive leader, with strengthened leadership that gives him the power to build a modern and sustainable start-up business. 

Viktor Ström is the innovator and entrepreneur behind Ergostone, a start-up with a mission to help people increase their own well-being. With a groundbreaking innovation, using the natural mineral soapstone, Ergostone designs heatable and freezable products that you use for relaxation and to ease physical and mental conditions.

At Go Avni we love working with companies and entrepreneurs that are contributing to a better world. Working with Ergostones founder and CEO is just that and such a powerful experience.

Viktor Ström, the founder and CEO of Ergostone found Go Avni through Peak Innovation Incubator which he was a part of. With his background and deep knowledge in psychology, Viktor knew that he wanted to strengthen himself as a leader of a start-up to be better prepared for both challenging situations and success. It was a perfect match with Go Avni’s coach from the very beginning.

”I know that what we at Ergostone are trying to do takes a lot of investment. Both of course financially but maybe more so mentally and culturally when building our company”, Viktor says.

Viktor is coming back to the fact how important it is to stay true to his own believes and how easy it is to get of track when he gets so much attention and good advice. Both in the aspect of why he started a company and what he is aiming for. The coaching has helped him stay true to himself, focus on his goal and to act on what is in his power to control.

When talking to Viktor about his experience of being coached it really stands out how important coaching has been to him in being a role model for his 4 employees and the workplace culture at Ergostone. “I want to believe that you can build a start-up without having to work yourself to death. Go Avnis mental coach has helped me keep focus on my core values that also translates into the culture of Ergostone. We are truly a sustainable company, and we would not be a sustainable business if we didn´t include all the people working here, including myself, Viktor says.”

The goal with his coaching has been gaining resilient mental strength to be able to handle both good and bad times, something Viktor now have the tools to manage.

Viktor appreciate being able to dig deeper into himself and through coaching he has gained perspective and dares to believe in himself more, becoming more confident. He also understood the importance of identify actions to get him closer to his goals.

“I gained clarity in every essence of what I am doing as a start-up entrepreneur and what that entails. It has been crazy nice to brainstorm these thoughts with my coach and if you are getting into the start-up business I have only one advice to give you. Be proactive, get yourself a mental coach from the very beginning, Viktor sums up.”

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Anette Tandberg

Anette Tandberg has spent over 15 years working in senior positions as a manager and CEO. Ever since she was young, she has had the drive to see others grow and her ability to build strong, long-term relationships that create value has been an important tool in her work.